Bring live Google Apps contact information to WordPress

  • Sort and Search

    Sort and Search

    Embed a sortable, searchable table of your Google Apps users

  • Live Data

    Live Data

    Fetches contact info from Google Apps, so no stale data stored in WordPress

  • Configurable


    Select which directory columns to display, and optionally restrict to selected OrgUnits

  • Public options

    Public options

    Can be used securely in your intranet, or to display public-facing contact info to your website visitors

  • Extensible


    Easily add your own data fields through custom code

  • Easy to setup

    Easy to setup

    Uses Google Apps Login plugin (any version) to provide easy configuration of your Google Apps settings

Up-to-date and Flexible

Your WordPress intranet is great for collaborating with colleagues, but not everyone from your Google Apps domain is actively using the intranet, and it’s sometimes difficult to know how to contact people in your organization.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to search your entire Google Apps domain to find contact details of any employees you might need to contact? All without leaving your WordPress site…?

Google Apps Directory is a WordPress plugin that will enable users to search your Google Apps employee directory – from a widget that you can add to any pages of your intranet or client site. Users simply enter search text to see matching names and email addresses, along with profile photos!

The Enterprise version also provides an interactive table format showing all your staff (or selected OrgUnits). Users can sort by clicking on a column heading, or search to filter the table for matching text. It is fully configurable so you can choose the columns to show, and you can style the table as desired.


One license allows you to use the software on a single WordPress site indefinitely, and includes email support and automatic updates for one year.

Free Enterprise
Search widget to add to sidebar ✔ ✔
Profile photos, name, and email address as standard ✔ ✔
Extensible so you can add other directory fields through custom code ✔ ✔
Option to restrict so only logged-in users can search ✔ ✔
Shortcode to embed full staff listing table into any page   ✔
Table columns can be sorted by the user   ✔
Table columns to display can be selected and ordered by the admin   ✔
Optional pagination and search filter box can be added to the table   ✔
Phone number and location provided as standard   ✔
Restrict embedded table to specified Organizational Unit of Google Apps   ✔
Email support plus automatic updates for one year ✔

See our documentation for FAQs and to find out how it works.

The Enterprise license cost depends on the number of users on your Google Apps domain.

Enterprise (single site)


The free version is available in the WordPress Plugin directory.

Find out more about licensing for the Enterprise version.

We offer educational and non-profit discounts.

money back guaranteeWe stand behind the quality of our plugin, and believe that you will be fully satisfied. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, we offer a 14 day, no-hassle, money-back guarantee.

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