How Google Drive Embedder will help you

  • Structured file storage

    Structured file storage

    Centralize all corporate documents in Drive instead of losing some in WordPress' unmanageable media system

  • Easily locate files

    Easily locate files

    Users can select Drive files from a popup WordPress box - as easily as picking an image for their posts from WordPress' media gallery

  • Post Attachments Area

    Post Attachments Area

    Posts and pages can host their own file attachments area, completely backed by Drive

  • Control employee access

    Control employee access

    Allow non-Google users to view Drive files and folders, or restrict access by WordPress role

  • Interactive folder embedding

    Interactive folder embedding

    Allow drag-and-drop of files into embedded Drive folders, and explore folders without leaving WordPress

  • Flexible embedding

    Flexible embedding

    Display files through embedded viewers, or link to open or download. Supports many file types.

Already powers thousands of intranets!

Google Drive is a versatile way to store files and share with others, while your WordPress site is clearer and better structured for sharing more focused information. Thousands of organizations use our Drive Embedder plugin to tie the two together seamlessly.

  • The IT department can harness the power and flexibility of Google Drive while users remain comfortably within their familiar intranet environment.
  • The plugin completely eliminated the time-consuming step of uploading and curating content in WordPress as well as Drive. Responsibility for content is back in the hands of its creator!

Easy to Configure and Use

The Drive plugin requires a free or paid version of Google Apps Login – extending the configuration of the Login plugin so your WordPress site appears as only one item in your G Suite (Google Apps) domain’s security panel.

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One license allows you to use the software on a single WordPress site indefinitely, and includes email support and automatic updates for one year.

Free Premium Enterprise
‘Add Google File’ popup from any page/post ✔ ✔ ✔
Browse a list of recent Drive files and search all of Drive ✔ ✔ ✔
Embed or link to all Drive file types including videos, forms, and images ✔ ✔ ✔
Added support for Calendars ✔ ✔
Browse through ‘My Drive’ to efficiently locate files within folders ✔ ✔
Basic ‘iframe’ embedded folders ✔ ✔
Advanced interactive folders including drilldown and upload without leaving the page ✔
Flexible folder columns (title, owner, last modified etc), can be restyled through CSS ✔
Automatic file attachments area: each page/post in WordPress automatically creates its own folder in your Drive hierarchy (requires G Suite account not basic Gmail) ✔
Files can be dropped straight into a page/post’s folder in Drive without visiting your WordPress site directly ✔
Support for Google’s new Team Drives (Shared Drived) feature ✔
Email support plus automatic updates for one year ✔ ✔


See our documentation for FAQs and to find out how it works.

Premium licenses are priced only on the number of WordPress sites where it will be installed. The Enterprise license cost also depends on the number of users on your G Suite (Google Apps) domain.

Enterprise folders either require users to have their own Google account, or for the site admin to have a G Suite Google account (not a regular account).

Single Site License 2-3 Sites Unlimited Sites



Enterprise (single site)


The free version is available in the WordPress Plugin directory.

Find out more about licensing for the Premium and Enterprise versions.

We offer educational and non-profit discounts.

money back guaranteeWe stand behind the quality of our plugin, and believe that you will be fully satisfied. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, we offer a 14 day, no-hassle, money-back guarantee.

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