Google Profile Avatars

This is the documentation for the premium Google Profile Avatars plugin.


When you purchased the plugin, you will have been given a ZIP file to upload. Upload the ZIP file directly in the Plugins section of your WordPress admin.

To do this click ‘Add New’ (at the top of the Plugins page).

Then ‘Upload Plugin’ and locate the ZIP file.

Once installed, click ‘Activate’ on the plugin.

Please note that you will need to be running any version (free, premium, or enterprise) of Google Apps Login for the plugin to work.


There is no further setup. The plugin works automatically. Whenever a user clicks ‘Login with Google’ to access the WordPress site, the plugin will pick up their Google profile photo if they have one.

From that point on, anywhere on the WordPress site that displays the user’s avatar (e.g. next to their name in a blog post they’ve written), the plugin will display their Google profile photo instead of the WordPress default Gravatar.

If you’re running BuddyPress on your site, the plugin also replaces BuddyPress profile photos with Google profile photos if available.

To see if you own user has a Google profile photo imported, you can go to Users -> Your Profile in the WordPress admin panel.

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Users click their way through Login via Google (just one click after the first time)

Users click their way through Login via Google (just one click after the first time)

You can try it out by clicking below to auto-create a test account on this site! This will show you the basic Google login process.
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