Google Apps Login for WordPress



Google Apps Login is a WordPress plugin allowing users to log into your site using Google to securely authenticate their account – no username or password is explicitly required!

It eliminates the need for Google Apps domain admins to separately manage WordPress user accounts, and gives piece of mind that only authorized employees have access to the company’s websites and intranet.


Great for users!

  • No need to remember separate WordPress usernames and passwords
  • If WordPress is compromised, your Gmail account is still completely safe
  • Rely on industry-leading Google authentication including Multi-Factor if enabled

Even greater for admins!

  • Save time and increase security
  • Completely forget about WordPress user management – it syncs from Google Apps automatically
  • Ensures that employees who leave or change roles no longer have unauthorized access to sensitive sites
  • Increase engagement on corporate websites – WordPress user profiles are automatically set up with real names rather than quirky usernames

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Install now!

Choose the best package for your organization.

Basic package

Our simple login-only plugin is available completely free in the WordPress plugin directory.


  • Authenticates any existing WordPress user by connecting to their Google account

Premium package

Admins save time while increasing security and their piece of mind.


  • Auto-create new WordPress users if they authenticate successfully from your specified Google Apps domains
  • Populate new user profiles based on their Google profile
  • Admin can specify a default WordPress role for new users
  • Disable regular WordPress username/password login to ensure terminated employees can not login in the future
  • Email support plus updates for one year

One license allows you to use the software on one WordPress site indefinitely, getting email support and updates for one year, and the license cost depends on the number of users on your Google Apps domain.

Please enquire about bulk volume discounts or alternative pricing for non-profits and educational organizations.

moneybackguarenteeWe stand behind the quality of our plugin, and believe that you will be fully satisfied. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, we offer a 30 day, no-hassle, money-back guarantee.


five stars
I have never left feedback for any plugin, but I had to actually create an account just so I can leave feedback here. The instructions were SPOT ON and clear. It took me less than 5 minutes to create the Google project and have this up and running on my site. And because I used my gmail account on my user accounts, it tied together perfectly. –
WordPress plugin review

Extensible Platform

Once you have installed Google Apps Login, your developers can use it as a ‘platform’ allowing them (or other third-party plugins) to centralize all Google API calls and easily add Google functionality.

Your WordPress site appears to a Google account as one unified ‘web application’, making it more secure and easier to manage. It also means that extensions do not need any setup of their own once Google Apps Login is installed.

A popular example extension is our Google Drive Embedder plugin which allows users to browse for Google Drive documents to embed directly in their posts or pages.

For help building your own extensions, please email us to discuss.

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