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Is Google storming in on WordPress?

As Google launches its second official WordPress plugin, WP-Glogin asks: are these the beginnings of something beautiful between the search giant and the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world?

The WordPress plugin directory is plentiful with Google plugins, but Google has only ever created two of them itself: Google App Engine and, most recently, Google Publisher.


Making the most of WordPress’ user system

How important is it to set up a comprehensive user hierarchy on your WordPress sites?

This article will explain the benefits of creating multiple users for your WordPress site and how understanding the different roles users can have will give you the control needed to allow others to create content, without risking control of the site itself. The article will also teach you to check your site configuration to understand if there are any backdoors that unwanted visitors could use to register, view private content, or make undesired changes to your site.


As WordPress release version 3.8, WP-Glogin also gets a facelift!

WordPress 3.8 has launched! Named after Jazz musician Charlie Parker, WordPress 3.8 boasts a ‘fresh, uncluttered design that embraces clarity and simplicity’.

The new version allows admins to tailor their dashboards to their personality with one of its eight colors. And easy-to-stack widgets make life much simpler for a WordPress admin.

This also ties in nicely with our own values: Google Apps Login for WordPress delivers efficiency and security for admins, and ease of use for all users.

We have released our version 1.2 to coincide with the latest WordPress release to ensure compatibly with WordPress 3.8 and also to work with multiuser sites (in sub directories).

To find out how your users can securely login to WordPress using Google to authenticate their account, and eliminate the need to manage WordPress user accounts separately from Google Apps domains, click here.

Google Apps Login is trusted by thousands of organizations from small businesses to NASDAQ-listed companies and government organizations.

Users click their way through Login via Google (just one click after the first time)

Users click their way through Login via Google (just one click after the first time)

You can try it out by clicking below to auto-create a test account on this site! This will show you the basic Google login process.
Try out Google login

Logging in is only the start – Google Apps Login takes care of all your WordPress user management. Find out more here.