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13 Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

PDFs are still one of the easiest methods for disseminating information in a convenient package that can be viewed, downloaded, and opened without a fuss on every platform.

So when it comes to embedding PDFs in your WordPress blog, what method do you use? If you’d like to start passing out eBooks, short stories, contract templates, product manuals, design documents, registration forms, performance review templates, or any of a thousand other PDF options, consider these 13 WordPress PDF viewer plugins, ranging from quick and easy to feature-dense with prices all across the board.

1. PDF Embedder

Easily one of the top available WordPress PDF viewer plugins, PDF Embedder by Lever Technology LLC is simple to use, has multiple pricing tiers for different user levels, and is very clean looking.

screenshot-1.png One of the key features of PDF Embedder is its ability to scale PDFs automatically, finding a natural size for the available space and embedding the PDF. But, fortunately for those who like to have a little more control, the dimensions can be set manually as well.

The free version offers embedding, resizing, and all viewing features. The premium version — which offers downloads, continuous scrolling, hyperlinks, full-screen mode, and more — is available currently at $20 for a single-site license, $30 for two-to-five sites, and $50 for unlimited sites. All of which are extremely affordable for any WordPress site looking to host their PDFs long-term.

2. Algori PDF Viewer

Algori PDF viewer is an open-source software that slots right into WordPress’s Gutenberg Block system. It’s simple to install, allows PDF loading and embedding right in WordPress’s native media upload section, and is available in free or premium versions.
screenshot-1.gif The free version works great for most simple uses, allowing embedding, dimension adjustment, downloading, bookmarking, and zooming. The premium version will set you back $20 or $25, depending on whether you want 6 or 12 months of support. With the premium version, you get the ability to tune PDFs to your liking, including customizing a non-first page start for readers, the default zoom size, whether it’s downloadable or not, themes, and alignment. Plus, obviously, six more months of technical support.

3. PDF Poster

PDF Poster is a WordPress PDF viewer plugin that offers four tiers of licensing with a different feature list for users at any level of expertise or need. The first tier is the free license, which applies to one site and has slightly fewer features. The second tier is $20 and includes a license for three different sites. At the third tier, $40 lands you a license for five sites, while you can drop $100 at the fourth tier for unlimited use.