8 WordPress Portfolio Plugins For Displaying Your Work

Your creations are beautiful—why isn’t your website? With these eight WordPress portfolio plugins, you can give your work the stage it deserves.

Whether you’re a photographer, UX designer, website designer, writer, or artist, WordPress sites remain one of the best ways to show off your work, support your brand, and eventually build a business. Unfortunately, no matter how good your work might be, simply uploading a JPEG or pasting some text won’t do it justice.

Take a look at these eight WordPress portfolio plugins and put your creations in the best light.

1. Portfolio Post Type

One of the reasons portfolios are hard to accommodate in WordPress is that they aren’t, by nature, simple posts. Depending on the kind of content you’re trying to publish, it likely won’t fit into the typical WordPress post taxonomy.

Portfolio Post Type is a WordPress plugin that enables you to register a custom post type for the items you’ve put in your portfolio. If you create a lot of different things or simply want to sort what you do create, it also offers tag and category taxonomies.

Portfolio Post Type doesn’t offer the ability to customize how you display your work, but building post infrastructure is important if you plan on regularly uploading new content, keeping it navigable for new users, and setting an organizational foundation if you eventually want to build a business.

Portfolio Post Type is free.

2. GridKit Gallery

If you take photos or make videos, one of the best ways to structure your WordPress portfolio is with a grid. Creating that natively can be a pain, so it’s often easier to install a WordPress portfolio plugin that can take care of it for you.

GridKit Gallery allows you to quickly and easily generate grids for your site. You could use these grids to display galleries of your photos or videos or lay out a product catalog. GridKit Gallery supports MP4 for videos and also supports embeds from YouTube and Vimeo.