Do you offer Non-profit and Educational Discounts?

Yes, we like to help registered non-profit and educational organizations!

We offer the following discounts – the percentage discount increases as the total purchase price of your order increases. This means it can be beneficial to purchase multiple products at the same time instead of separately.

Purchase Amount % Discount
$0 5%
$100 10%
$200 20%
$350 30%
$700 40%
$1,000 50%
$2,000 60%

Between each price/percentage above, the discount rises linearly – so, for example, a purchase of $150 receives a 15% discount.

To obtain the discount, you can register your organization on the checkout page of our site after you have selected all the products you require.


If I buy a license, can I use the product forever?

Yes, the license allows you to use the product indefinitely on your WordPress site. The fee also entitles you to support and updates for 12 months from the date of purchase.

After 12 months, you are free to continue to use the software, but if you require support or updates (for example, to match a major update of your WordPress codebase, or to take advantage of new features), you would need to buy a new license at that point.

As an incentive to renew annually, we will offer a 50% reduced renewal rate for customers who renew their license before expire date.

We believe this situation is better than a one-time purchase since you will receive updates beyond the purchase date – at least for a year – and it offers a sustainable position for support and continued product development in the future. A one-off purchase could easily leave you exposed and in need of a new solution a few months down the line.

How do I renew my license after 12 months?

We will send you email reminders starting from a month before your license expires. There will be a link in the email to renew directly on our website.

Reminders will also be displayed within your WordPress admin panel, and on the License tab of your plugin’s settings page. Direct renewal links are provided there too.

If you renew a few weeks before your license expires then you won’t lose out – we will add on another 12 months from the date your license expires, not from the date you renew.

As an incentive to renew annually, we will offer a 50% reduced renewal rate for customers who renew their license before their previous license expires.

I need to upgrade to a higher license

We are always happy to offer sensible upgrade pricing if you need more sites/users in the future, or if you want to move from Premium to Enterprise versions of your product. We will offer a discount equivalent to the unused portion of your existing support license.

If your purchase email address is a Google account then you should be able to login to our site here:

You should be taken to the My Account page, and you can click on ‘View Licenses’ next to your existing purchase. Then there should be a ‘View Upgrades’ link that should allow you to choose a new Unlimited Premium license, with your original purchase price deducted.

If you aren’t able to proceed like this then please get in touch and we will provide you with a direct link to obtain a discount.

Google Console

Sharing your Google Developers Console project with our support team

Sometimes our customers need assistance in configuring Google’s APIs to work with their WordPress site. As part of the diagnostics process, you may add our support team as an Owner to your Google Developers Console project – the one you set up when you configured the Google Apps Login plugin in the first place.

To do this, go to the Google Developers Console and locate your project.

Select ‘IAM & Admin’ from the top-left menu button.

IAM & Admin

Click Add Member.

Add Member

Enter our support email address and make sure you add this under the role Project -> Owner.

Project -> Owner

Click Add and the invitation to join will be sent to us.


How do I obtain support for your products?

Full support is available for paid license holders, for 12 months from the date of purchase. Please get in touch by email:

We also respond to emails from users of the free versions of our products, but please understand we cannot guarantee priority for those support requests.

Where can I find my files?

When you purchase a plugin on our site, after checkout you will be redirected to a purchase summary page containing links to download your plugins as a ZIP file. These links will also be sent to you by email.

The links in the email will expire a few days after purchase. To download the files again in the future, as long as your license is still valid, you can login to our website to do this. An account was automatically created under the email address you used to purchase the product. You must ‘Login with Google’ to our site by following this link. This will take you straight to the Purchase History page, or you can reach it whenever you’re logged in by clicking the ‘My Purchases’ button in the toolbar.

If your email address is not a Google account at all then either register it with Google here; or reset your password on our site, and then login, both by following this link on our site.

If you need us to switch the email associated with your account, please let us know.

You can also manage your licenses (e.g. upgrade) through our site.

The download doesn’t seem to be a ZIP file

When you click the link to download the ZIP file for a plugin you’ve purchased, you may find that it appears to be a folder of files instead of one ZIP file.

This is usually because Safari tries to be ‘helpful’ and unzips the ZIP immediately upon downloading. This isn’t what you wanted – you need the ZIP intact.

You should normally still be able to find the original ZIP if you go to your Downloads folder, or you could try ‘Compressing’ the folder to recreate the ZIP for yourself.

Alternatively, you can change this behavior in Safari. Go to Preferences > General, and then uncheck the option “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading”.

Go back to the original link and try to download the ZIP file again.

Licensing and Support

Google Apps Login is trusted by thousands of organizations from small businesses to NASDAQ-listed companies and government organizations.

Users click their way through Login via Google (just one click after the first time)

Users click their way through Login via Google (just one click after the first time)

You can try it out by clicking below to auto-create a test account on this site! This will show you the basic Google login process.
Try out Google login

Logging in is only the start – Google Apps Login takes care of all your WordPress user management. Find out more here.